icon depicting Language Agnostic

Language Agnostic

Are you busy writing tests?

Create complex workloads by writing test steps in simple statements.
icon depicting Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Anywhere

Do you wish to scale-up or rerun your tests?

Setup Frisbee on your workstation, on your cluster, or to the Cloud.
icon depicting Real-time Reports

Real-time Reports

How much do you understand your system?

View step-wise results for each test and analyze real-time.
icon depicting Detect SLA Violations

Detect SLA Violations

Can you meet your SLA?

Assert your SLAs using the Frisbee's metrics-driven architecture
icon depicting Identify Weaknesses & Potential Outages

Identify Weaknesses & Potential Outages

How many failures can you tolerate?

Combine Chaos Engineering with large-scale performance testing!
icon depicting AI-Driven Testing

AI-Driven Testing

Are you confident about your test-cases?

Reduce variability by determining if tests are flaky before merging the code.


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Install in seconds.

Host on any server, CDN, or CI.

Production Mode (Run Anywhere)

>> curl -sSLf https://frisbee.dev/install.sh | bash
>> kubectl frisbee install production

Development Mode (Run Locally)

>> git clone git@github.com:CARV-ICS-FORTH/frisbee.git
>> ./install.sh development ./ [PublicIP]
>> make run
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